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Astutto Colombian Gin

Our team is dedicated to creating unique and interesting concepts.  Market positioning, branding names, ideas, bottle label, logo and shape design…we loved every minute of creating Astutto Colombian Gin.

The bedrock of your brand is your logo, your website, packaging, and promotional materials all of which should integrate and deliver your concept mission.  We want to help you achieved this.  For us, clients bring us new objectives for which we want to excel so they can successfully thrive.

It is important to keep the brand fresh and unusual to stem the success. The challenge is how to get the reach and get as many as possible to understand, try and buy Astutto.

We develop comprehensive guidelines to ensure your message is clear, unvarying and true to your brand. These guidelines regulate how your brand is used, portraying the use of all branding elements: logo, colors, printing font and layouts.

It’s not just the product you buy, it’s the experience your brand delivers. We define your brand’s essence and design the connected experiences that help influence what the brand stands for.

Most importantly it needed to talk to people in a way that not only reflected the brand values and attitude, but also how they would listen and respond to.  Reach was our main objective, so everything needed to be unusual and delightful enough to be amplified in social and reach those with a curious mind who like something unusual and seek an escape from the norm.


“Kreative Studio is Great! , I felt at home.  They are very dedicated to their work, it’s amazing how they show their love for what they are doing.”

Gustavo Franco
Astutto Colombian Gin

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