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Freshness was another important takeaway.  The key to painted colors and a single visual that tells the story of the product that keeps it simple in a competitor shelf set.  When it comes to products formulated for infants, toddlers, and small children, we know that parents are really the ones making decisions about whether or not the item meets their family’s needs. While a little one may influence their mom’s or dad’s purchasing choices, the adults are scanning store aisles and conducting research on which foods, drinks, and other goods are right for their babies.

We wanted the message to show that the product is a delicious, healthy-organic alternative to the conventional fruit snacks.  Although the product is just hitting stores, the design has been very well received.  This form of packaging extends the product’s shelf life, which is convenient for busy parents. Moms and dads will be able to cut down their supermarket visits and save money while they’re at it.  The package design was to entice both children and grownups.

Creating a fun and full fruit flavored package. This image needed too be pertinent to the target market and communicate the main benefit of the product: unique organic fruit flavor.

Creating a compelling image that was able to launch Mangoozers in a competitive market that requires a suitable packaging to be significant for the consumer.



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Our objective was to make enjoyable look for the new packaging.

We hope the Mangoozer brand becomes go-to for guests and their families. With trustworthy ingredients and affordable prices.

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Mangoozers prime ingredient is mango brought from Colombia´s tropical forest.  We wanted to show that tropical feeling in the branding.

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“Thanks to Kreative, we have entered the US market with a new product that is doing great with the agency innovative work.”

Luis Castro
Seleccty USA





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