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Jon Sonen

Kreative Online Advertising Agency works with Jon Sonen in order to create a new campaign for their winter collection.  Jon Sonen is an international lifestyle brand with an authentic style.  Our objective was to make their digital presence as premium as the clothes they sell.

We designed and produced a set of campaigns and retail experiences that brought a steady brand message, each time varying the visual expression. We positioned the brand in a manner that spoke to both millennial fans and lifestyle-inspired consumers. Our goal of creating an arrangement of real experiences to establish an adaptable visual platform for retail success.

We created a lifestyle of imagery that focused on characterizing the fashion aspect of the brand while maintaining its true foundation.  We prepared, planned, and established the art direction to execute various photoshoots.

We sourced the perfect location, props, crew and lighting and camera equipment to ensure that everything on the day would run as smoothly as possible and that the brief is met.

Our job is to make the production a pleasure.  Our production is a unique service. We offer a truly personal approach that is based entirely on the needs of our clients.


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