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Kreative Advertising Company branding and designing space for a kids play center.  An unrestricted kids indoor play center, which enables their social, creative and physical enhancement apart from unending fun.

Lots of innovative games that provides kids with fun and to be able to explore the glorious childhood in a safe & entertaining place.

Play space needs to be of high quality and good design to attract children and families and
become a valued part of the local environment.

Design for Play sets out the principles for creating imaginative, innovative, and stimulating
play spaces that will enrich the lives of children and young people.

Creating inspiring play spaces that will please, excite, challenge and satisfy children requires
knowledge of play, technical skill, an understanding of children and, above all, imagination.


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Feature 1

The primary aim of designing a play space must be to offer children a rich play environment
where they can have a wide variety of play experiences and, where possible, learn about
the natural environment.

A successful play space is a place in its own right, specially designed for its location, in such a
way as to provide as much play value as possible.

Designing for play is an ongoing process.   They require careful thought and planning, continuing
care and maintenance, and should be reviewed and updated periodically to make sure they
provide the best possible play opportunities for children and young people.

Feature 2

Successful play spaces offer movement
and physical activity with space and
features that allow a range of energetic and
strength building play experiences.

Successful play spaces stimulate the
five senses maybe providing access to
music and sound, and different smells made
by plants and leaves.

Custom & Design

Kreative Advertising Company designs can be easily customized to fit your space, your audience and your budget, while employing the strictest design standards to create safe, fun and exciting play experiences for kids of all ages and abilities.



“Kreative made our dream become real, it has been a successful project and it is all because of them.”

Marcos Carbo

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