Kreative Social Media Agency designs and create stands for any event.  A great and successful booth design transmits professionalism and is an instant draw for attendees. When it comes to promoting your brand, we believe there’s always room to grow.

Having the right trade show booth displays and signs can make a huge difference. They need to highlight what’s unique about your business, making information easy to understand and visually appealing and leave an impression on attendees.

Kreative Social Media Agency specializes in making practical exhibition stands which uses available materials in highly inventive way and achieving great results. We can customize build with your specifications; Exhibition stands can be designed and manufactured by our dedicated stand builders.


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Whatever the final design, expect the latest technology and best practices for your website, branding or your stand design; We built it on a dynamically styled and scalable structure.

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Somos un equipo dedicado a la creación de conceptos únicos e interesantes que le aporten a nuestros clientes, aumentando su productividad.

We like strategy. It’s what holds everything else together, knowing what your customer will want in the future and work with that in sight.

We need to understand your company, your goals, and personalities for a deep understanding of who you are and what you represent in order to create a good design for you


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“In Kreative they are great, they made the best booth for us in our last fair, we blow everyone´s mind”

Sebastian Marin


Blima Borah



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