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Puerto de Barranquilla

Kreative Digital Ad Agency provides up to date industry news with new content posted monthly.  Building the magazine is an effective way to build brand recognition and drive valuable traffic to your website.

The Portuaria magazine covers the important issues that face the transport and port industry. As a result, it is able to address the challenges that are relevant to a variety of sectors, such as Sea & Rail Freight, Ports, Public Transport, Air Cargo and Airports

Portuaria Magazine focuses on the hot topics and trends that are most important to the busy professional.  Each edition is a highly collaborative process with new editors and where employees are encouraged to pitch and write stories.

Their is also a column with rotating editor which informs of the new and future projects of port and region investments.





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Portuaria Magazine can help companies reach their target audience. Whether raising awareness of a new technology, increasing a reputation in the market or looking for new clients.

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Portuaria can help by positioning your company in the right place, in the hands of your future customers.





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